TucannonRiverTucannon River Report

The river opens June 3rd this year from Marengo to Cow Camp bridge and we cant wait. Try a Muddler Minnow or Rooster Tail. Water level should be pretty good as we dont expect much run off due to low snow pack. Remember to check your regs, upstream of Marengo NO bait & single barbless hooks only!


FishinLatest Lake Stocking Report:

We are just kicking off the season. The lakes are all stocked and Blue & Spring are open year round now so come on up and get a head start on the fishing season. The store opens Friday the 24th. Come on in we are looking forward to seeing everyone it has been a long winter.




Stocked Report

Blue Lake:          3000 catchables 125 jumbos 2/23/17

125 jumbos 3/14/17

2000 catchables 50 jumbos 3/22/17

Watson Lake:    2000 catchables 100 jumbos 2/23/17

100 jumbos 3/14/17

2000 catchables 3/21/17

Rainbow Lake:  2000 catchables 75 jumbos 2/23/17

Deer Lake:          1000  catchables 25 jumbos 2/23/17

Spring Lake:       3000  catchables 125 jumbos 2/23/17

125 jumbos 3/14/17

2800 catchables 50 jumbos 3/22/17

Curl Lake:           Will Open 4th Saturday

Big Four;             Unable to stock at this time do to the high water level in the river.

Catchacbles range from 8 – 10 inches and Jumbos are 13″ or more in size

For up to the minute info go to our Facebook page for the most current info.

Turkey Season 2017

Birds had a good hatch last year. Last week I saw Toms strutting all over the place. Yes, a lot of birds are on private land but a lot are also on public land. My best advice is to hang tough. A lot of hunters hunt the opening week and thats it! Some of my best hunting has been in May. Get away from the road and hike! With the mild winter I think birds will be spread out from the valley floor all the way up the draws & canyons. Stop by for a picture or to swap stories. It’s the almosts and could haves that make it Turkey hunting! Late fall turkey should be good hunting.


Sign up online to hunt wind farm property!

Don’t wait in line for 45 minutes or more to fill out form. You fill out form online then just stop into our store with your photo ID and pick up your permit. I would highly recommend doing this as during busy periods (deer season) you can wait up to an HOUR or more.

Do yourself a favor and sign up online by using the links below! Make sure you read and UNDERSTAND rules and maps. If you don’t have time to pre scout do yourself and other hunters a favor and don’t show up opening morning expecting to know where to go. These areas have a mixture of lands that are open / closed to access and you can get yourself into trouble trespassing in a hurry!

PLEASE read all info about access programs. You can fill out ONE online form on either PSE or PacifiCorp website and you will be covered for BOTH properties. Please respect the landowners property, this is a privilege to access this area.



Hopkins Ridge-Puget Sound Energy (PSE)

Has been open to public / hunter access since 2006.

Marengo Wind Farm-Pacific Power

Marengo wind farm access available as of 10/09/08. Stop by store for permit, maps…



Puget Sound Energy / Hopkins Ridge Kings Grade area.

Thank them for access program. e-mail anne.walsh@pse.com

PacifiCorp / Marengo Wind Project

Area between Turner Rd & Hartsock Grade. Thank them for working on an access program for 2008. e-mail mwphunt@pacificorp.com

Dayton Chamber

Let them know you appreciate hunting opportunities at wind farms & Dayton area, you spend $ in local economy and you hope future wind farms are open for access! chamber@historicdayton.com

I am doing everything I can to keep these areas open and working on getting new areas open as well.



Access to PSE & PacifiCorp area may be gained by coming to The Last Resort During regular store hours or online. You MUST have:

  • photo ID
  • Hunting license
  • and license plate number of vehicles you will be driving!

These permits are available at no cost. More info below.


Puget Sound Energy / Hopkins Ridge Wind Farm Access Program


A wind farm for generating electricity was constructed in the Northwest of the Tucannon valley and surrounding farmland in 2006 and is operated by Puget Sound Energy (PSE).


The landowners involved are in a lease agreement with PSE to have the turbines on their property. These turbines provide additional income to the farmers and their families as well as providing energy that is “home grown”. The landowners involved in the access program have NO obligation to keep their land available for access (hunting) but have chosen to allow hunting through this access program. Many land owners do not allow hunting these days as I am sure you are aware! We should all thank the land owners, PSE and Fish & Wildlife for coming up with this program.


When word of this project first came up I heard from a lot of you hunters concerning access to this area. Many acres of land involved in the project boundary had been feel free to hunt through land owner generosity. I attended public meetings and tried to encourage others to do the same.

After talking to my neighbors and landowners I realized that many wanted to allow hunting to continue but they did not want to deal with the hassle & paperwork of a controlled access program. Imagine these scenarios: You have been on a combine for 12 hours and finally got home for a shower and some food when the phone starts ringing; or you are out in the field working and 3 strangers come up your driveway when only your wife and kids are home. Now multiply this by 50 or 100 hunters looking for permission and you can see why the landowners did not want to deal with this.

The Last Resort caters to hunters and many of you have become our friends. We are open 7 days a week with extended hours during hunting season. Since we are already here and “taking care” of hunters it was a natural for us to volunteer to handle the paperwork, inquires and foot traffic that will be generated by this access program. I hunt too and in a perfect world we all would have 500,000 acres to hunt on but fellas that ain’t reality. We should all go out of our way to thank the landowners, PSE and Fish & Wildlife for this program.


This program is as simple as we could make it. You come to The Last Resort during store hours and fill out and sign an agreement each person getting permit MUST be present with drivers license or photo ID (excluding minors), license plate # of hunting rig, and wild ID number from your hunting license), watch a 3 minute DVD on safety in the wind farm area, pick up a map of areas available to hunt and you are good to go until March 31st the following year.. A new permit will then be available and valid from April 1 to March 31st on a regular basis (just like your hunting & fishing license is now). I hope everyone realizes how much work and time went into this and appreciates what a privilege it is to have this land available. Maps to areas open for hunting will be provided. YOU are responsible for following rules and knowing where you are. Signage will be posted in various areas indicating what areas are available for this program. It would be a GOOD idea to take a little time to scout and familiarize yourself with the area.


For more info or questions call The Last Resort

Phone: 509-843-1556 -or- 1-800-562-3417
E-mail: info@thelastresortrv.com

If e-mailing make sure to place “Signage or PSE” in subject line or e-mail may be sent to spam and deleted!

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